April 4, 2014

         I’ve added a problem to the website http://www.ChemEComp.com for electrochemical polymerization in a series of stirred tanks. Solutions are given as derived in Excel and MATLAB. It is a simple problem with important insight and comes from the book Electrochemical Reaction Engineering, by K. Scott, Academic Press, New York (1991). The plot of conversion versus number of stirred tanks is shown here from the Excel solution.



         I have also collected the figures from my book, Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing. They are available to instructors who use the book as a text in class. Shortly I will have the programs that were used for illustration in the book so that instructors can run them without much hassle. You get these by contacting Wiley. The following web sites can be used to obtain material from Wiley. It includes the keys to the problems (useful to your Teaching Assistant), and the figures in the book (useful to you when you go to class). Go here to learn what is in the book:


and here to fill out the form


         The updated version of the 2nd edition should be available in the next few days. The parts on Aspen Plus have been updated to be consistent with Aspen Plus 8, which comes in Aspen Suite 8.4. The windows are the same, but how you get to them is different. The figures available from Wiley have the updated windows. This is the only textbook available now that has been updated for Aspen Plus 8.

About chemecomp

Bruce A. Finlayson, retired Rehnberg Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington
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